Privacy policy

Last updated: 2019/02/12

This privacy policy outlines how the game Air Defense Command uses information collected from players.

Air Defense Command doesn't allow users to create accounts and doesn't use any of your existing accounts, so it has no access to any of your account information. The only personally identifiable information we store is your email address and messages if/when you contact support. However, the app does collect your gameplay data and does share some of your device's identifiers and personal data with third parties in order to obtain analytics, personalize ads and report crashes.

Air Defense Command may display advertisements tailored to your interests. These advertisements are provided by the third party service AdMob. To facilitate this, the app shares your advertising Identifiers with AdMob.
You can read more about how AdMob personalizes ads at
You can disable ad personalization or reset your Advertising Identifier in your iOS device's Settings > Privacy > Advertising.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via email